There is a Non-Refundable $65 Registration Fee due upon registration per family. If more than one child registers $10 per extra child in the family. August tuition and first costume is due upon enrollment. All fees are due by the first of each month from September-April. Fees will be auto-drafted from the card on file on the 1st of each month. Payment of cash or check may be used prior to the first of the month. If accounts are not paid after the fifth of the month, there will be a $30 NON-REFUNDABLE late fee applied to the account balance. Dancers will be dropped from the class rosters should the past due amount (including late fees) not be paid within full after 30 days. There is a $35.00 returned check charge for any checks returned by the bank. After a second NSF check is received, the account will be placed on a "Cash, Money Order or Credit Card payment only. If a student wishes to withdraw, written notice must be sent in advance to the office by the first of the month. New tuition rates will not go into effect until the first month following their request to drop the class. Students are responsible for yearly tuition and will be billed until written notice is received by the bookkeeper. No refunds are granted for classes not attended, or for the month during which a student withdraws. Make-up classes are available.

Tuition Fees:

  •      1 hr = $65

  •      1.5 hr = $80

  •      2 hr = $90

  •      2.5 hr = $105

  •      3 hr = $115

  •      3.5 hr = $120

  •      4 hr = $135

  •      4.5 hr = $145

  •      5+ hr = $185

Recital Fees

  • All students are required to participate in the recital unless enrolled in a “Non-Recital” class

  • Three Recital Fees of $80 for one child or $100 for two or more are due in November, January and March.

  • Recital Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE after December.

  • Each family receives 6 reserved seats

  • Each student receives a recital tee shirt, one ¼ page photo in the program, their class photo and one recital program.

  • All accounts must be paid in full to receive your recital package in April

Costume Fees

Costume deposit fees are $75 per costume and are due August and September. If a student has more than two costumes, the remaining costume deposits will be billed in October. Costume deposits paid after October 5 will be $90 and after October 31 each costume deposit will be $110. It is the policy of Machita Dance Company to always keep costs down. Should extra funds be needed to cover costume expenses after applying your costume deposits, your account will be billed in January for the difference plus sales tax. Costume fees are non-refundable after October 15.

Program Book 

Best Wishes Ad

Parents and businesses wishing to place 1/2 and full page ads in our 2020 Recital Souvenir Program Book will be contacted in January and will make a one-time payment by February 15th.