Courtney Landry



  • Recipient of many Choreography Awards from various conventions/competitions
  • Performed in Destination Dance 3 & 4
  • 2005 National Miss Starpower
  • Studied at Edge Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles for 2 years
  • Performed in LA’s “Carnival: A Choreographer’s Ball” & Nichelle Bane's "Reflections Of Life"
  • Worked with choreographers such as Mark Meismer, Keri Legrand, Joelle Martinec, Nichelle Bane and Doug Caldwell
  • Teacher & Judge for VIP Dance Competition
  • Choreographer for "Bohemian Rhapsody" Tremaine 2015 National Teen Judges Choice "Best Showmanship”
  • Performed as Juliet in Of Moving Color’s production of “Romeo + Juliet”


  • Celebrating 27 years of dance and 12 years as a dance teacher and choreographer
  • Choreographer for the Machita Dance Company Competition Team
  • Associate Artistic Director for Of Moving Colors Contemporary Dance Company
  • Choreographer & Dancer with Of Moving Colors
  • Works with Pavel Zuštiak, Sarah Cullen Fuller, John Allen & Lindsey Dietz Marchant
  • Attending the American Dance Festival this summer


  • Continue teaching & choreographing around the country
  • Be the artistic director of her own contemporary company