Miss Jade Helps Fight Cancer through Celebrity Waiter Event

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Hey MDC Family!

I have been selected to be a Celebrity Waiter in WBR Relay For Life Celebrity Waiter event, and I need YOUR help!! Each waiter is competing to raise the most amount of money by February 10th. These donations will help our community to raise money for the American Cancer Society. ACS supports cancer survivors, funds cancer research, provides cancer patients access care and much more. This is a great opportunity for MDC to give back to our community and support those who are battling cancer. 

Below are two ways to help with donations:

  1. Bringing money to the studio:

    1. Bring any amount you would like to donate to the studio. 

    2. Give Nanny your money and let her know it is for the WBR Celebrity Waiter event or put in an envelope labeled WBR Celebrity Waiter Donation. 

    3. Fill out a moon and stars form for us to hang up at the studio!

  2. Donate by clicking this link: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/Blueprint/CFPCY19SOR?px=49239240&pg=personal&fr_id=93985

    1. Select Donate Now under Jade McCune 

    2. Once you donate come to the studio and fill out a moon and stars form for us to hang up at the studio!

Please help me to be the #1 Waiter with the highest donations! Thank you so much for your consideration and donations!

My prayers and love go out to everyone who has been affected by cancer. Let's all come together to fight this fight! 


Miss Jade

Lynn Prejean