Get to Know the MDC Faculty: Jillian Courville


What style(s) of dance do you teach?
Babies 2

How long have you been dancing?
A long time - 26 years apparently

What is your favorite style of dance?


Who is a dancer that inspires you and why?
Justin Giles. He has always been true to himself.


Do you have any children or pets?
Daughter: Kaitlee
Pets: 2 dogs – Shadow & Beau


Would you rather live at the beach or in the mountains?
The mountains (my fair skin can’t take the beach)


What do you do when you aren’t dancing/teaching?
Teaching, being a mom, reading and watching TV


What is your most memorable moment of your dance career?
The time I fell off the chair and picked it up with my rear to the audience and Nick Drago was pointing and laughing at me.


Tell us a fun fact:
I was in a movie and in the Vampire Diaries/The Originals


Lynn Prejean