Traci “Nanny” Dalfrey

Studio Manager

After working in many different fields of accounting, payroll, and human resources, “The Dance Studio" is what Nanny loves.  As a young child and teenager she studied dance for 15 years with McCalvin's School of Dance and a was member of her High School Dance Team for 4 years. Though she has not physically danced in many years, dance has in one way or another always been part of her life.  Over Fourteen years ago when she moved dance schools for her godchild Katelyn (Biscuit) Ward to begin competing, she would never have thought this move would become her family and her home. She is proud to say, she was given the opportunity to study dance as a small child and the lessons she learned are life long and will be carried with her always.  She loves Studio Life, being there every day with the dancers to guide and watch them become better dancers and individuals! She would not trade it for anything.  Nanny plans to continue working with Machita Dance Company as long as they will have her.