Jordan Prejean



  • Student at Machita & Co, Inc. for 26 years

  • Member of Machita & Co, Inc. competition team for 8 years

  • Employed in Machita & Co, Inc. Boutique for 3 years

  • 2006-2007 Machita & Co, Inc. “Hall of Fame” recipient

  • Tremaine 2007 Senior Dancer of the Year

  • Won many regional awards and titles at various conventions/competitions

  • Attended many prestigious intensives around the United States

  • Brusly High School Pantherette for 4 years and “Senior Leader”

  • Tremaine Dance Company Member for 3 years

  • Signed with MSA Dance Agency in Los Angeles, Ca

  • Filmed as dancer in “Tremaine Breakdown DVD” and “Freak Dance”

  • Performed in Dreamhawk Prodctions’ Las Vegas Corporate Event with choreographer Katy Tate

  • Trained at The Edge Performing Arts, Debbie Reynolds, and Millennium Dance Complex for six months in Los Angeles, CA

  • Danced the Big Buddy Performance with the LSU Tiger Girls

  • Coached Miracle League at Cypress Mounds

  • Graduate from LSU with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a focus in Human Movement Science

  • Choreographer for many National Awards



  • Celebrating 26 years of dance

  • Celebrating her 11th year of dance education

  • Company teacher at Machita Dance Company

  • Traveling around the country training with some of the best teachers/choreographers

  • Barre3 instructor


  • Continue to train and teach at Machita Dance Company

  • Help parents, Lynn and Brian Prejean, build a prestigious and fun dance company for  everyone to learn and grow to become better dancers and individuals

  • Continue teaching Barre3 Classes